Sandblasting Garnet

Sandblasting Garnet, also known as water cutter sand, is made from calcium-aluminium silicate, which is with high hardness and melting point. Through magnetic separation,Sandblasting Garnet they appear in red, brown, green etc. It is widely used in sandblasting and water jet cutting for its characteristics.


  • Sandblasting – As a common placement for silica sand in sand blasting, garnet grains are better for their high hardness, acid and alkali resistance.
  • Water jet cutting — Mixed with very high pressure water, garnet is used to cut steel and other materials in water jets. That’s the other main usage of garnet.
  • Filtering Media—Garnet is a natural hard and high density filter materials used in multi-media water filtration and is recommended as a support bed for other materials such as sand.

Physical characteristics of Garnet Sand

Physical Items Grains
Color Red Brown
Toxicity None
Melting Point 1300℃
Solubility in Water Not Soluble in Water
Specific Gravity 3.90-4.10 g/cm3
Conductivity Less Than 125us/cm
Mohs Hardness 7.5-8.0
Pathological Effects None
Reactivity None

Average Chemical composition of Garnet

SiO2 37.09%
Al2O3 20.11%
FeO 29.73%
Fe2O3 1.83%
TiO2 0.46%
MgO 5.26%
CaO 2.09%
MnO 1.19%

Mineral Composition

Almandite Garnet >98.0%
Ilmenite <2.0%
Quartz <1.0%
Others <0.3%

Size Available:
8# , 12# , 25#, 36#, 46#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 120#
Other special size could be supplied as required.