Aluminum Hydroxide

Aluminium hydroxide, a kind of white powder, is widely used as flame retardant additive. The usable ranges of Hydrated Alumina powder are thermosetting plastic, thermoplastic plastics, synthetic rubber, coating and building materials, etc.

Aluminum Hydroxidex


  • Aluminium hydroxide is most commonly used as inorganic flame retardant agents .
  • Aluminium hydroxide powder is useful as purifier
  • With great adsorption capacity, aluminium hydroxide could be used in dyeing industry as mordant.
  • Hydrated Alumina could also be used in the production of alumina products.
  • Hydrated Alumina could be used for production of mineral salts like aluminium fluoride, cyrolite, aluminium sulfate and aluminium oxide products etc.


Type Al2O3 Na2O SiO2 Fe2O3 Loss on ignition
AH-1 64.5 0.4 0.02 0.02 35
AH-2 64.0 0.5 0.04 0.03 35
AH-3 63.5 0.6 0.08 0.05 35