Green Silicon Carbide

gc2Green Silicon Carbide is produced basically in the same manner as black silicon carbide in a resistance-type electric furnace with petroleum coke, quartz sand and other materials. The product has greater purity than black silicon carbide and higher hardness. Green silicon carbide is suitable for processing hard metal alloys and non-metallic materials that are hard and brittle such as jewels, optical glass or ceramics. It’s sharp cutting characteristics also make it useful for soft materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, or magnesium. Super micro-powder made from green silicon carbide can be used to make a kind of ceramic material. More details on characteristics of green silicon carbide are available at your request.


Chemical Composition(%)


Grit Size SiC FC Fe2O3
20#~90 99.5 <0.20 0.20
100#~180# 98.50 <0.25 0.50
220#~240# 97.50 <0.25 0.70
F230~F360 97.50 <0.30 0.70
F400~F600 95.50 <0.30 0.70
F800~F1200 94.00 <0.50 0.70