White Fused Aluminum Oxide

White fused aluminium oxide is made with an electric furnace from high-grade alumina powder as raw material. The resulting mineral has highwfa2er hardness and slightly lower toughness than brown fused alumimum oxide. Characterized by its high purity, strong grinding ability, abrasive tools made of it are suitable for grinding and polishing of cutting tools, precision-castings, spraying and coasting, medium body for chemical industry applications, special ceramics and high-grade refractory materials. Detailed specifications can be supplied on request.


  • White fused alumina is usually used for high grade refractory material, and also for ceramic, resin bonded abrasive grinding, sandblasting and precision casting.
  • White fused alumina is used for lapping, polishing, non-skid tile, and pressure blasting when a high purity and highly friable abrasive is needed.

Physical Index of White Fused Alumina:

Color White
Basic Mineral α-AI2O3
True density 3.96g/cm3
Bulk density 1.75-1.95g/cm3
Micro hardness HV2200-2300
Mosh hardness 9.0
Melting Point 2250℃

Chemical Composition of White Fused Alumina:

Typical Value:

AI2O3 99.65%
Na2O 0.25%
Fe2O3 0.04%
SiO2 0.03%

Abrasive Grade:

Grit Size AI2O3 Na2O
F12-F220 >99.5% >0.35%
F230-F400 >99.2% >0.4%
F500-F1200 >99.0% >0.5%

Refractory Grade:

Grit Size AI2O3 Na2O
0-1mm >99.2% >0.4%
1-3mm >99.2% >0.4%
3-5mm >99.0% >0.4%
200mesh >99.0% >0.5%
325mesh >99.0% >0.5%

Size Available:
Abrasives F16-F220, F230-F1200, JIS240-JIS3000
Refractory 0-1mm,1-3mm,3-5mm,200mesh,325mesh
Other special specifications could be supplied as required.