Silica Sand

Silica Sand is processed from the natural silica stone, Silica Sandmainly applied in high quality glass, water filtration, refractory material, precision casting etc.

Application of Silica Sand:

  • Silica sand is the main raw material of plate glass, float glass, optical glass, glassware and special glass etc.
  • Silica sand also can be used in refractory materials
  • Metallurgy, ceramic, foundry and abrasives industry, etc.

Chemical Composition of Silica Sand:

SiO2 99.0%-99.99%
Fe2O3 10-100PPM
Al2O3 25-100PPM
Na2O 10PPM

Size Available:
6-10Mesh, 20-40Mesh, 40-80Mesh, 80-120Mesh, 200Mesh, 325Mesh etc.
Other special specifications could be supplied as required.